India's First Installed Schalfhorst Autocoro 360

Our world class production facility boasts of the latest and advanced model of Schlafhorst Auto Coro 360 openend machine. We take pride in stating that ours is the first installation of its kind in entire India.

The machine has the latest SE 12 Spin Box Fixes and high quality 'BELCORO' spinning component, enabling it to produce excellent yarn. Additionally Schalfhorst Auto Coro 360 has a highly sensitive online COLORLAB CLEARER UNIT, to monitor and cut the fault with more accuracy, allowing the machine to produce flawless yarn. The machine truly symbolizes German technology with its amazing capacity to produce quality open-ended yarn.

We invest in state of art machineries to produce best quality 100% Viscose/Cotton/Cotton Viscose Blended Yarns.

We are proud to say that we have the latest and advanced model of Schlafhorst Auto coro 360 Openend Machine which is the first installation of its kind in entire India.

We have SE12 SPIN BOX fixes in our Auto Co which is the latest in the Series. The Machine has high quality 'BELCORO' spinning components to produce excellent yarn. The superior Matalurgy and technology involved in 'BELCORO' components help us to produce tons and tons of material with consistent quality levels. The Highly sophisticated piecing carriage 'COROMAT' makes perfect piecing joints and is continuously monitered on line to maintain the quality of piecing.


All sort of information regarding quality deviation, off standard spindle information and total performance of the machine including finer details are displayed on line to monitor the consistency of the product. It has a highly sensitive on Line COROLAB CLEARER UNIT to monitor and cut the fault with more accuracy and allow the machine to produce fault free yarn.

As everybody in the whole world knowthe superior German technology adopted in the Autocoro is the ultimate machine to produce required quality open end yarn to cater to the needs of global buyers.


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Schlafhorst - Autocoro 360 - A Step Ahead
The World's Most Productive Rotor Spinning Machine

With over 2.7 million spinning units installed worldwide, the Autocoro is the number one automatic rotor spinning machine. More than 1,000 Autocoro 312 machines alone have been installed in just three years. The latest Schlafhorst development, the new Autocoro 360, puts all previous Autocoro generations in the shade, setting the benchmark for automatic rotor spinning machines once again with a fireworks of innovations.

Autocoro 360 - Ahead by many lengths

· Up to 360 spinning units
· Take-up speeds of up to 300 m/min

Up to 360 spinning units and take-up speeds of up to 300 m/min offer extra productivity potential, for example for soft knitting yarns or coarse yarns. Manmade fibre yarns can now also be spun at higher rotor speeds, while productivity increases of up to 40 % are achieved in the case of high-speed yarns.

New horizons with upto 4 Coromats
· 4 Coromats - guaranteeing productivity and quality for both new and established applications
The optimized automation concept of the Autocoro 360 yields greater productivity and flexibility. 3 or 4 Coromats per machine are equal to the most extreme demands, guaranteeing machine efficiency ratings of 97 % or more for most counts and applications. Higher yarn break rates, a significant obstacle to productivity in the past, are no longer something to be feared. 3 or 4 Coromats are particularly economical for knitting yarns, raw materials with a low spinning stability, high-speed yarns requiring high rotor speeds and small rotors and yarns necessitating frequent package doffs and clearer and foreign fibre cuts. Lot-changing is also much faster with 4 Coromats, taking only 40 minutes or so even on long machines with 360 spinning units.

The narrow section design is also advantageous, as 360 Autocoro spinning units take up less space than machines from other manufacturers. This means up to 13 % more production in the same space, especially when using space-saving rectangular cans.

The uniform piecings on the Autocoro 360, which are indistinguishable from the yarn itself, are entirely in keeping with the philosophy of the perfectionist. A piecing strength of over 90% is achieved even at high rotor speeds. Highly dynamic drives for the sliver intake and yarn take-up, sensors and a laser light barrier increase the accuracy of the piecing process. The fibres are also combed out and parallelized prior to each piecing cycle. An electronic piecing tester ensures that only perfect piecings are wound onto the package.

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